School Zone Productions

In 1987, School Zone Productions started as an extension of the Holy Spirit School Drama Club in C.B.S. by a small group of students and adults – some of whom are still active with the group today.

Our first official production, eponymously named, became the basis for a teachers’ workshop on the effectively use of drama in the literature curriculum. This gave the group the mandate to develop entertaining amateur theatre that has cultural and/or educational merit.

Since 1987, School Zone has annually celebrated Christmas, Newfoundland culture, and guerrilla theatre in the St. John’s metropolitan area through The Mummers’ Play.

In 1997, the company collaborated with The International Grenfell Association for “A Labrador Christmas.”

In 1999, it collaborated with Sobey’s Supermarkets for the first Academy Awards fundraising gala at the Delta ballroom.

In 2004, it worked with Shakespeare By The Sea for Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebrations.

It has turned four productions into ArtsNL provincial school tours – 2013: “Judge Prowse Presiding,” 2015: “Lisa’s Story,” 2019: “Ballad of a Green Man,” and 2023: “Who Knit Ya.”

High points as part of the NLDS was winning the 2017 NL Government award for outstanding theatre production and Newfoundland Herald Audience Appreciation Award,; and then in 2019, co-hosting the 70th NLDS provincial drama festival.