Avion Players

Avion Players

The Avion Players Drama Group has had a long history of community theatre in Gander. Formed in 1953, by well-known thespian Barbara Barrett, Avion over the years has counted among its members other well-known people in the entertainment industry such as Kevin Blackmore, Michael Chaisson, Ray Penton and Una Joseph.

Avion’s members are kept very busy from September to May with two major productions, an annual craft fair and an annual reading of “A Christmas Carol.”

In the past the group has also performed cabarets, hosted a “Community Idol” contest, and have transformed the Arts and Culture Centre into a haunted house for Halloween.

Avion has participated in the provincial drama festival since its beginning, and has traveled to Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Michigan to take part in national and international festivals. In 1993 Avion hosted the National/International Drama Festival, which saw many groups from all over the world entertain audiences in Gander.

The Avion Players have won many awards over the years at the annual provincial drama festival and was the first theatre troupe to win the coveted “Caminae” for best production at her inaugural appearance in 1972 for a production of “Jody.”